• Making His Own Way: Valentino Infante

  • Posted on April 25, 2018
  • Few would argue that Valentino Infante is largely a success due to his upbringing. He can point to his parents’ influence as a major catalyst in his life and career. Consider, he rarely had nothing to do as a child; his parents always assigned he and his brother projects that had to be completed over weekends or summers away from school. Therefore, he was rarely bored or idle while growing up, thanks to his parents. That and his work ethic led to a strong sense of ambition, which is why it has never a part of Valentino’s nature to settle for anything.

    He and his brother began an entrepreneurial operation early on, when they started up a call center to sell telecommunications packages, which was so profitable, it led Valentino Infante to a level of career success he couldn’t have imagined going in. The effort attracted the attention of leaders with the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities, or ALSAC, the organization that raises funds for and runs the famous St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They brought him to Memphis and gave him and entry level position, but he has since continually moved up the ladder and is now in the position of Senior Liaison. He is not finished, however; he plans to go a lot farther.

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